Who We Are

A distinguished logistics and supply chain company excelling in comprehensive temperature-controlled transport solutions, with a global presence across 16 countries spanning the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Leveraging extensive logistics and cold chain expertise, our team has become a trusted partner in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, mainly focusing on secure and efficient transport.

Our Journey and Expertise in Tailor-Made Logistics Solutions

At CRYOPDP, we specialize in crafting bespoke logistics solutions tailored to the intricate demands of life sciences. With a team of experts excelling in logistics, supply chains, and temperature control, we proudly position ourselves as premier service providers.

Our unwavering commitment revolves around customizing transport and logistics solutions for the unique demands of life sciences and healthcare. We play a crucial role in ensuring the secure transport of vital samples, supporting clinical trials, and efficiently managing gene therapy logistics.

Operating from our headquarters in France, our team extends its reach to 16 countries globally. The dedicated 360-member team ensures the efficient execution of specialized logistics, providing crucial support to clinical trials. We meticulously handle secure and timely transport, prioritizing the safety and reliability of the entire logistics process.

Additionally, we specialize in effectively managing gene therapy logistics, guaranteeing the secure and compliant handling of these specialized shipments—vital for advancing breakthrough treatments in healthcare.

A Union with Cryoport, Inc.: Evolving CRYOPDP’s Operations

In 2020, Cryoport, Inc., a leader in life sciences temperature-controlled supply chain solutions, acquired CRYOPDP, marking a pivotal advancement in our journey. This acquisition ushered in an era of elevated customer service and sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

This strategic alliance substantially bolstered our capabilities, allowing for flexible and transparent logistics solutions. The integration strengthened our presence in the US and expanded our reach across Europe and the Asia-Pacific (APAC). We can now offer tailor-made and secure services by combining Cryoport’s logistics solutions with CRYOPDP’s expertise.

Our emphasis on personalized transport solutions is crafted to meet our client’s unique requirements, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of vital shipments. This commitment underscores our dedication to excellence in the life sciences industry.