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At CRYOPDP, we provide reliable and efficient temperature-controlled logistics solutions tailored to your needs. 

Understanding that the integrity of your cargo is paramount, we are committed to ensuring the safe and secure transportation of critical life science and healthcare cargo, from biological samples to pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Differentiators:

Customer-Centric Logistics

We focus on your needs and maintain clear communication. Our team tailors practical solutions, transporting critical life science and healthcare goods. Trust us for efficient and secure transportation that prioritises your unique requirements.

Patient-Centric Logistics

At CRYOPDP, the patient is at the heart of everything we do. Every decision revolves around ensuring the integrity, compliance, and, most importantly, the well-being of the end-users—the patients, as we understand our logistics play a critical role in healthcare. 

Our processes reflect our commitment to enhancing patient outcomes by facilitating the safe and reliable transport of samples and shipments.

Streamlined Cargo Delivery

Efficiency is the backbone of our operations. We specialise in straightforward and seamless cargo transportation and carefully manage temperature-controlled logistics. Our team ensures your biological samples or drugs arrive in optimal condition and strictly adhere to compliance standards for the life science industry.

Industry Expertise

Count on our life sciences and healthcare logistics expertise, including transport, logistics and tailor-made solutions. Our seasoned team adeptly manages temperature-sensitive shipping, providing a reliable service for the safe and timely delivery of your shipments.

Customised Logistics Solutions

Understanding that every shipment/sample has unique requirements, our team collaborates with you to comprehend the specifics of your cargo. We tailor our global medical shipments to your needs, deliver solutions, and ensure an efficient experience for your logistics challenges.

Your Logistics, Our Priority at CRYOPDP

At CRYOPDP, our mission is clear—to provide exceptional cold chain logistics services while prioritising your needs and keeping the patient at the heart of what we do. Trust us for reliable and efficient temperature-controlled logistics solutions to positively impact healthcare outcomes.

Discover our solutions

We specialise in tailor-made, adaptable, and flexible temperature-controlled logistics solutions. Learn more about our packaging, transport, and added-value solutions for the Life Sciences field.

Discover our solutions

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Know more about our ESG strategy.

Our dedication to responsible business practices integrates sustainability into our operations. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy reflects our commitment to minimising our environmental impact and contributing positively to society through sustainable healthcare logistics. Know more about our goals and steps in this area.


“As world leaders in infectious and respiratory diseases through the use of clinical trials, it is vital for hVIVO to count on reliable partners. CRYOPDP provided us with excellent service by delivering our biological samples in a safe, temperature-controlled environment and, most importantly, promptly. Their UK team operated professionally and we will continue to partner with them in the future.”

Nicolas Noulin, hVIVO Director

“A reliable and unique full-service provider for the management of temperature-controlled transport of our samples.”

Frank L, Transport Manager, Central Lab

“CRYOPDP is a strong logistics partner within specific geographical regions for us, like the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In these regions, both our clients and the investigators have proactively asked for a supply chain based on the CRYOPDP network.”

Mark G, Supply Chain Manager, Pharmaceutical