Packaging Solutions

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Temperature-controlled packaging demands precision, safety, and monitoring to align with your critical processes and preserve the integrity of your sensitive goods.


Our global teams offer a comprehensive suite of top-quality, certified temperature-controlled packaging solutions (TCP) spanning temperatures from -196°C to +25°C, according to the specifications of biological samples and goods. Additionally, CRYOPDP offers 24/7 transport solutions for real-time visibility of shipments, ensuring continuous monitoring and timely delivery.

Partnering with renowned packaging brands, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing the top integrity of your goods. Our experienced customer service team is dedicated to providing logistics and end-to-end solutions tailored to fit your unique needs efficiently.

Our temperature-controlled packaging logistics systems prioritise space efficiency while meeting global safety standards. We adeptly navigate customs regulations for medical shipments.

These systems use dry ice, liquid nitrogen, gel packs, and phase-change materials (PCMs) to precisely control temperature.

Key Benefits


  • Qualified and Validated Packaging Solutions
    Fully qualified and validated packaging services
  • Packaging Choices: Single-Use or Reusable - Blue Circles Square
    Single-use or reusable packaging services
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Low Environmental Impact - Blue Circle with Leaves
    Low environmental impact
  • Simplified Assembly: Easy-to-Assemble Modular Design
    Easy to assembly with a modular design
  • Temperature-Controlled Packaging
    Pre-conditioned to the required temperature range