Study Setup Center

Study Set Up Center: A close-up of medication, drug, needle, and syringe arrangements, illustrating the medical preparation process.

Establishing a reputation in the life sciences and healthcare industries takes time and dedication.

Over 25 years, CRYOPDP has prioritised building its credibility by consistently delivering top-notch, temperature-controlled logistics solutions.

The cornerstone of our commitment is the Study Setup Center, where our dedicated efforts focus on supporting investigators with bespoke services tailored to meet the highest standards of their critical studies. We aim to provide reliability, expertise, and a seamless experience that investigators can trust.

With CRYOPDP as your Study Setup Center, you gain access to all the information needed for each consignment, including:

  • Specialist with hands-on expertise and knowledge in Project Management and Consultancy.

    Comprehensive Starter Pack

    A thorough package encompassing all essential details and materials necessary for study initiation.

  • CRYOPDP Location Tracking: Real-time Transit Monitoring

    Study Logistics Information

    In-depth data outlining the latest call and pick-up times, ensuring precise scheduling and coordination.

  • Visual representation depicting a checklist with Regulatory Compliance at the top.

    Investigator Manual

    A detailed manual equipped with comprehensive instructions to guide investigators through the process.

  • Image displaying safety symbols alongside keywords: CRYOPDP, logistics, healthcare, ensuring guaranteed safety standards, sustainability.

    Local Supply of IATA-Compliant Packaging and Airway Bills

    We are providing compliant packaging and necessary documentation locally for streamlined processes.

  • CRYOPDP Material: Cryogenic Vessels with LN2 Back-U

    Variety of Packaging

    Offering controlled ambient, refrigerated, frozen, and cryogenic packaging options to meet diverse study requirements.

  • Picking operation illustrated within a blue circle.

    Weekend Collections and Deliveries

    We facilitate pickups and deliveries during weekends, supporting flexibility and timeliness in operations.

Strategic Partnership for Clinical Trials Supplies: Leveraging a Dedicated Study Set-Up Center

Bringing new drugs to market involves extensive investment of time and resources. Overseeing Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials demands a reliable and adaptable partner accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

At CRYOPDP, we recognise the uniqueness of each project.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we meticulously craft customised delivery programs early in drug development. This proactive strategy minimises risks, expertly navigates complex customs regulations, and ensures unwavering compliance with diverse international standards.

We want you to know that our goal is to facilitate the success of your trials. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless and effective journey from inception to completion.