Shipping and Transport Solutions

Global Design and Connectivity

Led by a dedicated team of logistics specialists, we consistently deliver innovative, cost-effective, and tailor-made shipping and transport solutions.

These solutions are meticulously designed to preserve the integrity of your samples throughout their entire transit process.

Our commitment to precision and reliability ensures that your samples remain secure and unaffected during their journey, upholding the highest standards of quality and care.

We pride ourselves on providing a range of transportation options tailored to diverse needs: Simplicity, Serenity, and our standout Exclusivity service.

We offer:

  • Icon depicting a world with arrows, symbolising CRYOPDP's global temperature-controlled logistics expertise.
    Global transportation network
  • CRYOPDP: Delivery and Pick-Up Services
    Door-to-door distribution
  • Image displaying numerous stars, symbolizing CRYOPDP's commitment to Quality Management.
    Over 99,9% service quality 
  • Precise Temperature-Controlled Transport for Direct to Patient: Thermonitor in Circle
    High-quality packaging and labelling  
  • CRYOPDP Location Tracking: Real-time Transit Monitoring
    Real-time track and trace monitoring
  • The image shows a puzzle with a circle, symbolising CRYOPDP's expertise in comprehensive logistical solutions.
    Flexibility and contingency plan
  • Image displaying safety symbols alongside keywords: CRYOPDP, logistics, healthcare, ensuring guaranteed safety standards, sustainability.
    Regulatory compliance: Quality certification (ISO9001, GDP, MHRA, FDA), Transportation codes (IATA, ADR), Anti-corruption chart (RSE)

Explore our shipping and transport solutions in detail:

Simplicity: Affordable solutions for everyday needs.

  • Cost-effective
  • Customised packaging with cold sources 
  • Precision temperature control 
  • Customs support
CRYOPDP Global Shipping Solutions

Comprehensive shipping and transport solutions by CRYOPDP connect the world seamlessly for reliable and efficient logistics.

Serenity: Specialise and effective logistics for specific needs.

  • Expertise: Handled by professionals  
  • Dedication: Dedicated service for pick up or delivery 
  • Precision: Temperature control during transport
  • Flexibility: Customizable 2-hour window 
  • Traceability: 24/7 monitoring with updates
  • Support: Regulatory and customs assistance
CRYOPDP Global Shipping Solutions

Seamless solutions by CRYOPDP connect the world seamlessly for reliable and efficient logistics. The illustration includes a delivery guy unloading boxes from a CRYOPDP van.

Exclusivity: Tailor-made shipping and transport solutions for the most demanding needs.

  • Expertise: Professional handling in pick-up and reliable delivery.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized service perfectly fits your unique needs.
  • Precision: Temperature control is assured throughout the entire transport.
  • Flexibility: No time constraints; choose suitable times and swift turnaround.
  • Traceability: 24/7 monitoring and proactive updates for shipment assurance.
  • Management Support: Aid with regulatory and customs requirements provided.
CRYOPDP Shipping Solutions: Exchange with Logoed Box

Seamless shipping and transport solutions by CRYOPDP, exemplified by two individuals exchanging a box adorned with CRYOPDP’s logo for reliable and efficient logistics.

Exclusivity offering is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique and stringent requirements of clinical trials and healthcare shipments. Focusing on precision and reliability, Exclusivity ensures a seamless, top-tier experience for these critical logistics needs.