CRYOPDP Launches Cold Chain Center in Warsaw

Cold Chain Center in Warsaw: CRYOPDP opens a new facility, expanding its pharmaceutical and healthcare product distribution capacity.

For years, we have proudly managed the safe and efficient delivery of pharmaceutical and healthcare products for our customers in Poland to ensure everyone has access to the treatments they need. Today, we took a significant step forward in advancing our supply chain by opening a new warehouse and cold chain center in Warsaw. This strategic move aims to meet the most critical demands of the life sciences industry.

The new warehouse enhances the capacity for distributing crucial life-saving samples. Utilizing temperature-controlled packaging solutions guarantees the delivery of health supplies in optimal conditions and at the correct temperature. This encompasses transportation from major business cities to even the most remote locations.

“We work with clients who demand the highest possible quality. We transport, among other biological samples taken directly from patients, where there is no room for the slightest error,” said Krzysztof Sawicki, General Manager Poland & Germany at CRYOPDP.

Our loyal customers, partners, and attendees of the warehouse opening ceremony were honoured to hear from Prof. Dr Habil. Bartosz Wasąg, Head of the Department of Biology and Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Gdańsk. His presentation shed light on the significant impact of clinical trials. Particularly in the impact of clinical trials on the development of diagnostics and patient treatment.

Thanks to all who attended!


CRYOPDP Launches Cold Chain Center in Warsaw