Global Control Tower Services


Global Control Tower Service and CRYOPDP Careers - Logistics Expertise and Career Opportunities

At CRYOPDP, our dedication to quality and real-time monitoring is evident through our 24/7 Control Tower and Worldwide Coordination Center.

This infrastructure is the backbone of our Global Control Tower Service, ensuring end-to-end transportation visibility and real-time analytics.

Through this service, we meticulously manage and organize global logistics, providing swift and informed decision-making to keep your shipments on track and secure.

Our unique Global Control Tower service will enhance transportation planning and execution systems.


  • Continuous Shipment Oversight: Real-time tracking via CRYOPDP’s IT tools.
  • Daily Inventory Management: Ensuring accuracy in daily inventory assessments.


  • Primary Logistics Contact: Centralized coordination with logistics partners.
  • Swift Contingency Activation: Rapid implementation of pre-designed contingency plans.
  • Efficient Escalation Protocols: Defined escalation procedures for prompt responses.

Financial Management:

  • Invoicing and Payment Handling: Managing invoices, payments, and credit notes.
  • Thorough Freight Invoice Auditing: Ensuring precision in freight invoice details.

KPI Management:

  • Detailed KPI Report Generation: Producing comprehensive reports following cold chain logistics quality agreements.
Global Control Tower – Efficient logistics management.

Our Global Control Tower service is also fully customizable – so it can be based on your specific temperature-controlled and high-security requirements. 

Our team of experts will ensure the management and monitoring of your shipments, guaranteeing:


  • Stress-Free Shipments and Implementation Team: Our team guarantees the implementation of all proposal requisites pre-launch. This includes managing transitions, routing partners and airfreights, daily tasks, email communications, communication protocols, and study setup.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Dedicated CRM/CS Team: Focused on customer needs, our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail, acts as a bridge between customers, and provides comprehensive follow-up and tracking.
  • Worldwide Monitoring and Coordination: Our monitoring and coordination team ensures round-the-clock coverage, continuous tracking, and billing accuracy while providing comprehensive audit support.