Clinical Trials Logistics Solutions

Doctor and Delivery Person Holding CRYOPDP Logo Box - Collaboration in handling CRYOPDP-branded packages for professional cold chain solutions.

At the heart of Clinical Trials Logistics Solutions lies the understanding of the substantial time and financial investment needed to bring a new drug to market while recognising the distinctive nature of each clinical trial.

This understanding propels CRYOPDP to tailor a comprehensive delivery program from early drug molecule development. This customised program is meticulously crafted to mitigate risks, proactively navigate customs regulations, and proficiently manage exports/imports, strictly adhering to diverse regulatory requirements and specific standards.

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Supporting sectors every critical step of the way

Our global team customises temperature-controlled transport solutions from preclinical to Phase IV for all Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs). We prioritise precision in handling time-critical and temperature-sensitive trials, even in challenging locations. The use of top-tier IT systems and high-quality packaging ensures flawless process execution.

Our Temperature-Controlled Logistics excellence originates from our team’s deep therapeutic knowledge and broad expertise. This expertise guarantees stability in maintaining the required temperatures throughout the clinical trial’s cold chain process. Adhering strictly to specific SOPs, we prioritise full global GDP compliance and robust contingency plans to deliver best-in-class IMP shipment operations.

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Clinical Trials Logistics offers:

  • Comprehensive packaging solutions for all temperature ranges
  • Real-time temperature monitoring and tracking
  • A highly skilled project management team  
  • Stringent global GDP compliance and robust contingency plans for a top-tier operation with your IMP shipments 
  • 24/07 Customer service support 
  • Expert consultancy and management services
  • Direct to Patient solution