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Over the years, CRYOPDP teams have collaborated closely with our clients and partners, creating tailor-made and innovative solutions for their investigational sites’ supply-chain needs.


In response to increasing demand in decentralized clinical trials, we’re expanding our expertise to encompass direct-to-patient supply solutions, demonstrating our commitment to delivering tailored service excellence in the direct-to-patient arena.


CRYOPDP specialised teams are committed to developing custom Direct-to-Patient (DtP) tailor-made projects based on the most demanding customer-specific requirements.

  • CRYOPDP: Delivery and Pick-Up Services
    Delivery and pick-up services 
  • Clinical Trial Logistics: Microscope in Circle
    Specialised clinical trial logistics for commercial applications
  • Precise Temperature-Controlled Transport for Direct to Patient: Thermonitor in Circle
    Precise temperature-controlled transport for pharmaceuticals, including clinical drugs to specimen logistics  
  • Multi-Country Transportation Solutions: Van with Thermometer
    Transport and logistic solutions from domestic to multi-country locations
CRYOPDP Direct-to-Patient Delivery: Patient with Family

Operational Priorities:

  • Country Selection: Each country has unique customs regulations. We ensure compliance and tailor processes to meet specific standards.
  • Drug Type: Different clinical drugs have varying requirements. We ensure safe transport and logistics by meeting specific temperature and control needs.
  • Security: Rigorous risk assessment ensures adherence to global customs regulations, maintaining product integrity across the supply chain logistics.
  • Supply Chain Partners’ Capabilities: Collaborating with closely monitored partners guarantees reliable and punctual deliveries, ensuring seamless end-to-end supply chain solutions.
  • Communication: Maintaining regular, effective communication channels is vital. Addressing patient needs promptly ensures an efficient process.
  • Good Clinical Practices: Strict adherence to clinical instructions ensures compliance, confidentiality, and ethical practices.
  • Good Distribution Practices: Prioritising GDP compliance minimises procedural and delivery risks, ensuring the safety and integrity of the entire transport distribution process.
  • The Process: We understand the demands of DtP shipments. Collaborating closely with customers, we ensure meticulous control and security of sensitive patient data. 

Your business can rely on:

  • CRYOPDP Direct-to-Patient Delivery: Corporate Collaboration
    Dedicated Team Management

    Our dedicated team ensures precise project management, customizing setups to match specific requirements for comprehensive oversight.

  • Hand pointing at monitor with graph, illustrating direct-to-patient data transfer in CRYOPDP CRM Oversight.
    Expert CRM Supervision

    Experienced CRM professionals oversee deliveries to ensure KPIs and SLAs are met with precision and expertise.

  • CRYOPDP Careers - Direct-to-Patient Legal Procedure and Litigation Concept: Signing Agreement Image
    Detailed SOP Design

    Meticulously crafted SOPs ensure regulatory compliance, protect patient confidentiality, and provide robust protocol and project support.

  • Direct-to-Patient GDPR Agreement: Handshake
    GDPR and Confidentiality

    Well-implemented GDPR processes to ensure confidentiality during the entire clinical trial logistics flow.