Temperature-controlled vehicles

Temperature-controlled vehicles: Back of a van equipped for pharmaceutical transportation

Flexible bulk shipments of pharmaceuticals by road with maximum security

From -25ºC to +25ºC

TCVs are road transport vehicles with a dedicated refrigeration unit that maintains a specific temperature range in an insulated and thermostatically controlled cargo compartment.

By effectively maintaining a temperature range for long periods, supported with GPS and temperature tracking, TCVs are the superior choice in logistics for transporting large and heavy-weight pallet-sized bulk shipments. 

Experience flexible bulk shipments of pharmaceuticals by road with maximum security. Our TCVs, featuring high-security sealed compartments, ensure cost-effective bulk transportation and dedicated routes from bustling cities to remote areas. Additionally, they offer the option of Blind Shipping, making them the ideal choice for your transportation needs.



A complete fleet of Temperature-Controlled transportation options to meet your needs:

  • From regular vans to full truck loads: 1 ton/7 EU pallets to 22 ton/66 EU pallets;
  • All units with dual-temperature, GPS and live temperature tracking;
  • Temperature-ranges: -25ºC to -15ºC, +2ºC to +8ºC and +15ºC to +25ºC.


Key benefits when using Temperature-Controlled Vehicles

  • Multi-Country Transportation Solutions: Van with Thermometer

    The goods are transported continuously at the desired temperature from pick-up to delivery, unaffected by external weather or temperature conditions.

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    High-security & certified TCVs with highly secure active temperature control guaranteeing temperature maintenance with unlimited hold times.


  • Icon featuring a temperature range symbol and circle, representing CRYOPDP's expertise in temperature-controlled logistics.

    Covering 3 different temperature ranges, CRYOPDP’s fleet of TCVs offers our customers different temperature control options.

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    The TCV fleet covers different regions, including the entire European Union.




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    GPS and real-time temperature monitoring during the entire journey.