Systems & Technologies

A skilled engineer meticulously working on chip development, showcasing expertise in Systems & Technologies.

At the Forefront of IT Innovations

At CRYOPDP, our dedicated in-house IT development team, composed of top professionals in the field, ensures we stay ahead in providing flexible, trustworthy logistic solutions for your business needs, particularly in our Systems & Technologies.

They deliver added value by creating seamless in-house solutions managed with expertise and flexibility, all while prioritizing safety and customs regulatory compliance (GxP/ISO).

Three computers displaying lines of code, exemplifying Systems & Technologies in action.

Tracking and monitoring

All shipments undergo rigorous monitoring throughout transit to ensure safe, secure, and on-time delivery to achieve full traceability.

Our advanced tracking solutions provide real-time visibility shipment into the status of each cargo, offering live updates through scanning systems for constant monitoring by all teams.

Our adaptable, custom-designed IT systems support your unique business requirements, ensuring total control and visibility across the cold and supply chain. 

Tracking and Monitoring assets

  • Data logger, exemplifying Systems & Technologies, actively capturing and recording vital monitoring data in real-time.
    Data loggers provide monitoring data.
  • Illustration of Asset Management Solutions with a comprehensive system efficiently organizing and optimizing assets.
    Asset management solutions.
  • Illustration depicting state-of-the-art verification software seamlessly integrated within the expansive Systems & Technologies landscape.
    State-of-the-art verification software.
  • Illustration showcasing Control Towers managing and organizing transport and logistics, ensuring constant monitoring and tracking for customers.
    Control towers to manage and organise transport and logistics on behalf of the customer, providing constant monitoring and tracking.
  • Illustration showcasing client platforms designed for enhanced engagement, control, and direct contact.
    Client platforms to enable engagement, control, and direct contact
Illustration featuring a friendly lady providing customer support within the dynamic Systems & Technologies environment.

MyCRYOPDP – Your Custom Web Portal

MyCRYOPDP is our new web portal, meticulously designed to meet our client’s requirements – helping you to monitor your daily activities, including easily: 

  • Quotation request
  • Order booking
  • Order track & trace
  • Invoice follow-up


Unity – CRYOPDP’s internal ERP system

Unity, our in-house development, is a cloud-based ERP system designed to enhance communication and streamline operations. It features built-in middleware for communication, including web services and API calls.

Unity offers complete operational control, fosters synergies between countries, and provides the flexibility to adapt the system to your specific requirements.