New locations in Spain

We are expanding our footprint to Spain, a dynamic and growing market for Cell & Gene and Clinical Research communities.

During the past few years, CRYOPDP has been actively acquiring companies with interesting new technologies, competencies, and with similar principles as ours to enhance our capacity to keep delivering live-saving goods around the world.

CRYOPDP has just acquired Polar Expres, a Clinical, Cell & Gene, and Biopharma logistics provider market leader fully dedicated to clinical trial logistics. Based in Spain, Polar Express has established customers, in the public and private sectors in Europe.

Polar Expres expertise in Clinical, Cell & Gene and Biomedical logistics and unique services enable CRYOPDP to expand its footprint in one of the top geographical markets in the Clinical Research area and also in the dynamic and growing Cell & Gene sector. Therefore, this opportunity will allow CRYOPDP to expand its temperature-controlled logistics & supply chain solutions by answering the demands of the life science and healthcare communities.

By incorporating Spain into CRYOPDP’s network, Polar Expres team will contribute to enhance our capacity to keep delivering live-saving goods worldwide.

“Polar Expres represents a significant opportunity for CRYOPDP in the south of Europe and Europe in general. With a solid and well-established reputation, Polar expres will allow us to reinforce our position in the Biopharma and Cell & Gene market, expanding our opportunities among Clinical Trials communities.” said Cedric Picaud, Chief Executive Officer of CRYOPDP.

Jerrell Shelton, CEO of Cryoport, said, “The acquisition of Polar Expres will expand our coverage in Europe and enable us to provide end-to-end solutions to both global and local customers in Spain. Spain is a highly strategic and key area for pharma/biopharma clinical trials and a growing number of cell & gene activities. This tactical acquisition will provide strategic impact for CRYOPDP as requests for local, on-the-ground operations in Spain continues from many of our clients, as well as from potential new clients. With Polar Expres now operating as part of our growing CRYOPDP operations, we are confident this acquisition will provide us with additional growth in the EMEA region.”



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About Cryoport, Inc.

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