CRYOPDP's Office Grand Opening - Ireland

Grand Opening in Ireland

CRYOPDP’s Office Grand Opening marks the launch of a new Operational Excellence and Cold Chain Center in Ireland

Strategical facility to deliver the future of healthcare worldwide

Establishing the Ireland Operational Excellence and Cold Chain Center represents another strategic milestone in CRYOPDP’s efforts. It enhances its presence and capabilities in key global markets. This initiative is pivotal in meeting the escalating demands of the life sciences sector and addresses the specific requirements of CRYOPDP’s valued customers.

State-of-the-art cold chain capabilities

For CRYOPDP, having a global reach is very important. It’s the only way to provide a cold chain logistics solution that improves people’s health worldwide. Our new facilities in Ireland feature state-of-the-art cold chain capabilities, covering a temperature range from -25°C to 25°C. We can give our customers the peace of mind they need when storing their life-saving goods; CRYOPDP ensures proper procedures for storing and distributing your sample goods.

Regarding shipping on the road, our Irish fleet comprises regular vans and TCV vans that can ensure we meet our customer’s unique needs and requirements. Regardless of the type of shipment, from TCV shipments and Lane & Service Assessments to DTP & DTF services, CRYOPDP’s Irish centre is here to help.

CRYOPDP ensures that customers and patients are at the heart of its operations. Working alongside our customers is how we find the best solutions for your business needs. That is why we want our customers to conduct their business without thinking about logistics and all the bureaucracy involved. We will ensure the integrity of your biological samples logistics, guaranteeing that your products are delivered safely and intact.

At CRYOPDP, we are committed to offering you the best possible solutions for life science logistics, ensuring seamless and efficient transportation of your valuable assets.

Discover our new facilities in Ireland and why our Cold Chain centre offers excellent operational service and will help improve this demanding industry.