CRYOPDP's Grand Opening in Manchester, UK

CRYOPDP’s Grand Opening in Manchester, UK

CRYOPDP Opens New Office in Manchester: Embracing Growth and Innovation

We are thrilled to announce CRYOPDP’s Grand Opening in Manchester. This expansion marks a significant turning point for our company as we reinforce our presence and seize new avenues for growth and innovation. Our commitment to temperature-controlled logistics is unwavering.

With a strategic location in the UK, our cutting-edge facilities and dedicated professionals ensure trusted healthcare logistics, delivering exceptional services to clients across the EMEA region and worldwide.

CRYOPDP’s grand opening in Manchester celebration brought together esteemed customers, partners, and our team of experts to commemorate this milestone.

Key Features of Our New Facility:

  • Equipped with advanced features to meet cold chain logistics needs
  • Fully GDP and DG licensed, adhering to the highest industry standards
  • Includes walk-in freezes, fridges, and a controlled ambient room for diverse goods

Enhanced Services in Manchester:

  • Fleet of vans with full UK coverage and reliable transportation for tailored service levels

Specialized Capabilities:

  • New LN2 refill and staging centre for Cryoport Inc. companies
  • Capability to refill dry shippers between journeys to ensure no shipment loss and cover long distances

As we venture forward together, united in purpose, let us remember that our collective efforts within the life sciences supply chain have the power to make a difference. Together, we save lives.