Grand Opening in Amsterdam

Grand Opening in Amsterdam

CRYOPDP’s Amsterdam Office: Innovating with Temperature-Controlled Logistics

As a global leader in temperature-controlled logistics, we are delighted to announce the grand opening of our new office in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

This state-of-the-art facility represents a significant milestone for CRYOPDP. It expands its capabilities and reinforces our commitment to providing tailor-made logistics solutions for temperature-sensitive goods. As a cherry on top of the cake, we are happy to announce that we are near our company sister, Cryoport Systems, a renowned industry leader.

This collaboration allows us to optimize our logistics operations and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions that ensure the integrity and quality of customers’ shipments from start to finish.

With our new Amsterdam office, we aim to offer enhanced services to our customers. We provide logistics solutions for this growing business and tailor-made solutions for reliable and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. The expanded facility features advanced infrastructure and proven technologies. This offers the perfect environment for caring for your life-saving goods. With this new office, we want to increase our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry excellence.

Our new office enables us to strengthen our position in the EMEA region, opening up new possibilities for clients and allowing them to explore new markets and expand their businesses globally, working with us as their partners.

Once again, another milestone is marking a new chapter for CRYOPDP. We are becoming even better equipped to deliver tailor-made logistics solutions that address our customer’s unique needs. From precise temperature monitoring to secure storage and efficient transportation. CRYOPDP offers a comprehensive suite of services. Ensure the seamless and reliable handling of temperature-sensitive shipments.

Discover the outstanding capabilities and high-quality service offered by CRYOPDP’s new Amsterdam office as it spearheads the transformation of temperature-controlled logistics. Join CRYOPDP to embrace innovation and unlock new possibilities for your business. Ensure the integrity and quality of your temperature-sensitive goods. Together, we save lives.


Photos from grand opening