CRYOPDP’s mission
and core values

Patient Receiving Treatment

CRYOPDP’s mission

At CRYOPDP, our team lives its mission in everything we do:

We aim to support the health of people around the World by providing global innovative temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the clinical research and Cell and Gene Therapy communities“. 

From Operations to Customer Service or Sales, our team is fully dedicated to saving lives. We are part of a drug’s value chain by helping drive the world of clinical research daily as a critical stakeholder. We provide temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions to clinical research and Cell and Gene communities. We can guarantee that, in the end, we are all working towards the same objective: to save lives. 


CRYOPDP's Global Control Tower Service - Logistics Management

CRYOPDP’s team

The backbone of CRYOPDP lies in our people—individuals who wholeheartedly embrace our mission. Each role is essential, empowering individuals to make a meaningful difference through passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment. At CRYOPDP, devotion and loyalty form the core of our ethos, driving every aspect of our work.

We fervently advocate for a multifunctional, cross-trained team within transport and logistics, fostering a strategic international partnership network. Diversity within our team enables us to embrace various perspectives, visions, and approaches to the day-to-day challenges of the healthcare industry.

We are flexible, agile, and available to support the needs of our customers. We embrace their goals as if they were our own. At CRYOPDP, we work as a team. We set the basis and define a clear project plan, being as bold as necessary and responsible for our objectives and commitments. We do this within our team and with our customer team because we are much more substantial together.

Our Values

  • CRYOPDP's Circle symbolizing integrity and trust

    We are committed to honesty, transparency, and the highest ethical standards. We establish our foundation on mutual respect, integrity, and trust.

  • CRYOPDP's Passion for Healthcare Logistics Encapsulated in a Circle

    Driven to advance logistics solutions for the life sciences industry while always remembering our value to humanity.

  • Teamwork in Healthcare Logistics Circle

    Our belief centres on collaboration, encouraging improved ideas and outcomes. We insist on rigorous problem-solving and challenging conventional thinking. Core to our culture is the relentless overcoming of barriers without giving up.

  • CRYOPDP Value Creation and Collaboration in Healthcare Logistics Circle

    We strive to build value for all stakeholders through our client-centric focus, exceeding competitive benchmarks, providing the highest level of performance and achieving consistent results.