Biological Samples and Logistics

CRYOPDP - Specialized Biological Samples Logistics, Lab Researcher in Gloves and Lab Coat

Our dedicated team of senior experts specialises in transporting biological sample shipments from different locations, including hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing sites.

CRYOPDP’s biological samples logistics service is enhanced by our extensive selection of temperature-controlled packaging and customised solutions, guaranteeing the absolute integrity of your entire transportation.

Person in a Lab Conducting an Experiment

We meticulously plan and develop tailor-made healthcare logistics solutions to meet your unique business requirements. Our team of temperature-controlled logistics experts is dedicated to addressing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries‘ critical needs, focusing on operational excellence, customer service, cost management, regulatory compliance and cutting-edge cold-temperature solutions.


Entrusting CRYOPDP with your biological shipments ensures that our temperature-controlled logistics experts treat them as unique, highly valuable, and critical. We guarantee precise temperature control, timely delivery, and compliance with industry regulations.

CRYOPDP Collaboration: Medical Workers in Hazmat Suits

CRYOPDP’s Biological Samples and Logistics solution offers:

  • Temperature-Controlled Logistics
  • Temperature-Controlled Packaging
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Biological Sample Collection
  • Consultancy and Customs Clearance (when needed)