About Us

Embarking on a purpose-driven journey, CRYOPDP has emerged as a crucial player in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries

We deliver exceptional global transport and logistics solutions, primarily focusing on temperature-controlled logistics expertise.

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CRYOPDP: Specializing in Temperature-Controlled Logistics for Clinical Trials and Life Science Industry

At the forefront of life sciences and healthcare logistics, for life sciences and healthcare, we focus on managing high-value, time-critical, and temperature-sensitive logistics shipments.

These shipments embody urgency, delicacy, and life-saving significance, reflecting CRYOPDP’s commitment to careful handling and operational excellence in the industry. Our dedication spans the entire healthcare temperature-controlled supply chain, particularly in transport logistics. 

Collaborating with esteemed global entities, CRYOPDP works diligently to ensure the highest standards in temperature control for transportKeeping a faithful commitment to providing reliable service and meeting industry benchmarks.



Our commitment

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    Our commiment to our Mission and Customers

    At the core of our achievements lies the unwavering commitment of CRYOPDP’s team. Fueled by a genuine belief in our mission and a clear understanding of their roles, their commitment serves as the foundation of our organisation. Our team values versatility and emphasis, supported by a reliable international partnership network, prioritising flexibility, agility, and consistent availability. We are prepared to meet your logistical needs, focusing on reliable temperature-controlled transport and logistics.

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    Our commitment to Excellence

    At CRYOPDP, our commitment extends seamlessly across the entire healthcare temperature-controlled supply chain, emphasising excellence in transport logistics. From meticulous packaging and kit preparation to leveraging our role as specialised couriers, we prioritise the reliable and safe transportation of your sensitive shipments. Adhering to stringent standards, we aim to consistently meet customer expectations, contributing to an exceptional delivery success rate in temperature-controlled transport and logistics.

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    Our commitment to Life Sciences

    CRYOPDP takes pride in being a reliable courier. We specialise in the transportation needs of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, clinical trials, central labs, APIs, and the entire drug development process

    We are recognised for delivering customised, flexible, and dependable logistics. We are recognised for delivering customised, flexible, and reliable logistic solutions in temperature-controlled life sciences and healthcare industries. Our focus remains on ensuring secure and efficient transport.

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    Our commitment to Quality Management

    Aligned with ISO 9001:2015 standards, CRYOPDP operates under a quality management system. Our operations comply with EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP), emphasising product integrity and a sharp focus on each temperature-controlled shipment.

    Additionally, our unwavering commitment ensures unmatched excellence and reliability. With operations spanning 17 countries and 39 facilities in the US, EMEA, and APAC (Asia-Pacific) regions, we maintain a remarkable 99.97% service quality while handling more than 360,000 shipments yearly across 135 countries worldwide.

What makes us Unique?

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    Global solid experience and expertise
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    Complete Temperature-Controlled range of solutions
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    Flexible and tailor-made solutions
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    Dedicated client relationship management
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    Reliable real-time data monitoring and advanced IT system