Streamline Clinical Trials

Lab technician conducting tests for streamlined clinical trials.

A turnkey logistics solution for stress-free clinical trials

Clinical trials can be very complex, creating more significant challenges for your research. At CRYOPDP, our team works to increase the pace of clinical investigation and solve its increasing challenges.

Get help and advice from the start and completely control your clinical trials with just one partner.

Streamline Clinical Trials: Technician's hands scanning barcodes on a biological sample tube in a blood bank laboratory, ensuring precision in sample tracking.

What do we offer?

With streamlined clinical trials, you get a turnkey partner with a fully integrated logistic solution from pre- to post-trial. From pre-trial consultancy and advising services to temperature-controlled logistics for biological samples and medicines during the Trial to data reporting and laboratory sample destruction post-trial.


While you are still designing the study protocol, we can advise you on the best kits and primary temperature-controlled packaging for your needs and manage the orders from leading suppliers. We will also design and produce clinical labels and assemble the ready-to-use kits. On the logistic side, we guarantee the transport solutions of these kits to any desired locations in Europe and advise on the temperature-controlled logistics for the shipment of medicines and patient samples for all clinical sites. 

During Trial

During the Trial, we can take care of the temperature-controlled logistics for all clinical sites, manage the stock of kits & their expiry dates and continuously supply the clinical areas with kits and labels as needed.


We can destroy stored biological samples and expired kits post-trial and provide all the logistics solutions and kitting data reports to support your compliance processes.

A turnkey partner to streamline your clinical trials

  • Advisory on tubes and primary packaging for biomedical applications.
    on tubes and primary temperature-controlled packaging
  • Design and production of sample labels: Pencil and ruler inside a blue circle.
    and production of sample labels
  • Ordering with leading suppliers concept.
    with leading suppliers
  • Careful assembly of clinical sample kits for precise biomedical applications.
    of clinical trial sample kits
  • Transportation of ready-to-use kits to any European location.
    Transport and Logistics
    of ready-to-use kits to any desired location in Europe
  • Temperature-controlled transport of samples and medicines.
    transport of samples and medicines
  • Stock management and expiry control of clinical sample kits.
    Stock management & expiry control
    of clinical sample kits
  • Secure destruction of expired kits.
    of expired kits