Pick & Pack Solutions

Man carefully handling a box in a Pick & Pack operation.

When partnering with CRYOPDP, you benefit from tailor-made solutions for your logistics needs, including our Pick & Pack service.


We offer two distinct methods for preparing your temperature-controlled packaging:

  • You can opt to prepare the packaging at your facilities, enabling you to customise the process according to your specific protocols and standards. This service allows you to tailor your temperature-controlled packaging to your exact preferences.
  • Alternatively, you can leverage our specialised in-house resources for Pick & Pack solutions, benefiting from our expertise and dedicated facilities.

Choosing to prepare packaging at your facilities grants you the flexibility of managing the process according to your established practices. However, if you select our in-house service, our expert team will ensure precise temperature-sensitive cargo handling and the creation of tailored packaging for your temperature-sensitive shipments.

Our adaptive approach lets you personalise the packaging process to perfectly align with your unique operational needs. Whether managing packaging on-site or utilising our specialised facilities, our commitment to delivering fully managed logistics and end-to-end same-day shipping services remains constant.

Our full Pick & Pack process can include:


  • Storage concept within a blue circle.
  • Picking operation illustrated within a blue circle.
  • Strategically packing with optimal cold source solutions: dry ice, gel packs, and liquid nitrogen.

    with the most appropriate cold source solution (dry ice, gel packs, liquid nitrogen)

  • Labelling process enclosed within a blue circle.
  • Documentation process symbolized within a blue circle.