Lab Move Solutions

CRYOPDP Lab Container

Every lab move is unique. There’s no such thing as routine.

Our dedicated team of experts specialises in delivering excellence within lab move solutions to ensure smooth and efficient lab moves, especially when transporting a high volume of life-saving samples through a reliable global cold chain network.

They specialise in the precise handling of your critical life-saving samples, ensuring strict temperature-controlled conditions throughout:

  • Complete Cryopreservation room transfer
  • Local or international transfer
  • Handling up to 100,000 samples
  • Disaster recovery
  • Visual representation depicting a checklist with Regulatory Compliance at the top.

    analysis and validation of the lane, including all securities

  • CRYOPDP Location Tracking: Real-time Transit Monitoring

    location tracking during transit

  • CRYOPDP Material: Cryogenic Vessels with LN2 Back-U

    cryogenic vessels combined with liquid nitrogen backup when needed

  • Image displaying numerous stars, symbolizing CRYOPDP's commitment to Quality Management.

    Trained drivers
    for these critical moves

  • Icon featuring a temperature range symbol and circle, representing CRYOPDP's expertise in temperature-controlled logistics.

    Temperature-controlled monitoring
    during the entire logistic transport process

CRYOPDP Lab Move Solutions: Scientist Conducting Experiments

Our team specialises in Lab Move Solutions. We follow strict procedures to manage the entire cold chain logistics process. With expertise in logistics and packaging, we ensure meticulous compliance with customs regulations.

At every stage of your Laboratory Sample Transport Relocation, we commit to:

  • Project Management: Our highly trained and licensed professionals will develop a comprehensive move plan.
  • Excellence in Execution: We provide specialised relocation services, leveraging custom-built mobile biorepositories and expertise in high-value equipment relocation.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our team of experts ensures a seamless relocation process while upholding the highest standards for biological sample integrity.
TCP Temperature Range Duration Size/Volume Racks Max Cryoboxes Max NBR Samples (2mL)
Mini 220 C 5d* L/220L 12 120 (eventually 40 small boxes) 13.000
Maxi 420 C 9d* XL/420L 20 220 (eventually 78 small boxes) 12.750

*without refilling: We can add a 100L liquid tank to recharge the mini and maxi for better autonomy. The given consumption of liquids is 5 and 6 litres per day, respectively.

Technical description: Low evaporation rate. Integrated level monitoring & temperature-controlled. Smooth surfaces even on a cap to facilitate disinfection. Uninterruptible power supply battery. User-friendly: low height, two handles, large neck.

CRYOPDP Lab Technicians: Expert Team in Action

A global turnkey logistics solution

CRYOPDP offers a turnkey solution which includes the following:

  • Lane analysis and validation with comprehensive security measures
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Supplementary equipment, including cryogenic vessels
  • LN2 refill and supply vessels to guarantee integrity and safety
  • CE medical marking IIa for human biological sample shipments
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Continuous temperature monitoring during the transport and logistics process
  • Supply of fully trained ADR drivers
  • Vessel decontamination to guarantee the integrity and quality of subsequent shipments and materials