Active solutions

CRYOPDP's active solutions container

Active Solutions for Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transport

Advanced Container Technology

Transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals demands cutting-edge solutions. Our active solutions containers, including Envirotainers RKN E1, RAP E2, and CSafe RKN, ensure precise temperature control during air freight.

Engineered with advanced technology, these containers regulate temperature and humidity levels meticulously, preserving the integrity of pharmaceuticals throughout the journey.

Flexible Bulk Container Options

We provide a range of bulk containers designed to accommodate 1 to 5 EU pallets, catering to diverse shipment sizes. These containers are optimized for compatibility with wide-body aircraft, ensuring seamless transport.

From frozen to controlled ambient environments, our containers maintain temperatures ranging from -25°C to +25°C, ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical logistics, including controlled ambient temperature solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we guarantee secure and timely pharmaceutical delivery, including time-critical shipments.

Trust us to deliver your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals with the utmost reliability and professionalism.