Dry Ice

Our Dry Ice is conditioned in various Temperature Controlled Packaging formats, suitable for small to larger volumes and it can be replenished as needed.

CRYOPDP Expert Handling: Dry Ice-Contained Box



Dry ice is the solid form of CO2, capable of transitioning directly from a solid to a vapour state without becoming a liquid. Its advantages include being non-toxic, odourless, colourless, bacteriostatic, and fungicidal. It is also inert and leaves no residue.

Thanks to local implementation, CRYOPDP has an endless dry ice production capacity and can better serve its customers.

It can be delivered in small to large volumes with safety equipment in adapted packaging such as cardboard, polystyrene, graphite or specific containers. We always recommend and provide proper accessories to our customers to handle dry ice safely, including gloves, glasses, and an O2 gas detector.



  • Efficiency and Timelines: Image illustrating streamlined workflow with emphasis on timely operations.

    Thanks to our efficient transportation network, we can deliver quickly.





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    Safety and Effectiveness 

    CRYOPDP offers a variety of options to guarantee safety and effectiveness.



  • Strategically packing with optimal cold source solutions: dry ice, gel packs, and liquid nitrogen.
    Customized Solutions

    We offer different forms, such as mini pellets and blocks, to cater to your requirements.



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    Complementary Solutions

    we provide complementary services to ensure customers can utilize dry ice to meet their needs.



We provide the appropriate type of dry ice for your needs: 


Mini pellets are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are very versatile, covering your products tightly.

  • Dimensions: 3mm diameter
  • Applications: Cryogenic cleaning, Transport of biological samples, Events 


Pellets represent the best compromise between flexibility and cooling autonomy.

  • Dimensions: 16mm diameter
  • Applications: Transport biological samples, medicines, vaccines, events, lab experiments, and cooling foodstuff during mixing. 


With significant autonomy and protected by individual plastic films, these slices are easy to handle.

  • Weight:  750g
  • Dimensions: Length: 175mm, Width: 148mm, Height: 20mm
  • Applications: Catering, Long distance transport 


Blocks are the optimum solution for large volumes and long-distance transports.

  • Weight:  10g
  • Dimensions: Length: 300mm, Width: 175mm, Height: 148mm
  • Applications: Large products shipped internationally