How can CRYOPDP help Clinical Research Organizations?

Bringing a new drug to market often requires several years of preclinical and clinical research and high investment, with recent estimates calculating an average of $1335.9 million (1). 

In addition, clinical trials are becoming more complex, posing a clear risk to the pace of clinical research and the speed at which medicines are brought to patients. This increasing complexity can lead to several consequences, such as an increased burden on patients and investigators, protocol changes, increased chances of errors, higher costs and longer timelines (2). 

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) play a critical role in drug development as the bridge between the sponsors, the regulatory agencies and the research centres. From patient recruitment to data analysis, CRO’s also suffer from this increasing complexity in clinical trials. 

One of CROs’ most critical challenges is logistics, particularly transporting investigational drugs and collection kits to clinical sites and transporting patient samples to central labs. The success of these trials hinges on the integrity of these goods, and that’s where we come in. As a temperature-controlled logistics company, we play a paramount role. We ensure optimal temperatures and timely deliveries of goods, recognising the crucial role we play in the success of clinical trials. 

At CRYOPDP, we don’t just offer temperature-controlled transport solutions for clinical trials. We understand the unique requirements of each trial, from Phase I to Phase III, and for different therapeutic areas. This understanding drives us to prioritise precision and safety when handling temperature-sensitive products. Our expert teams ensure that we provide customised solutions that guarantee the integrity and safety of the investigational drugs and patient samples, setting us apart from our competitors. 

Discover today how our temperature-controlled solutions can support clinical trials to bring innovative medicines to patients. 

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